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What We Do

Aonach is an Internet Strategy consultancy and we provide a wide range of online business services ranging from website inception to online promotion. We aim to get your business more from your website. See ‘Who We Are’ for an overview of our extensive professional qualifications and industry experience.

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Plan It

Whether auditing an existing site or planning for a new one, a strategy for development and growth is vital to achieving your goals and knowing when you’ve met them.

Our Internet Strategy services evaluate your current position in the online marketplace as well as that of your immediate competitors in order to create a realistic, targeted plan for the growth of your online business.

This includes areas such as online brand development, domain name consultation, keyword identification, Google Adword campaigns and technology evaluations.

Design It

A credible design for your website is an important part of any internet strategy.

With extensive in-house experience we design sites to appeal equally to users and search engines. The user focussed elements of our designs are built to be both visually attractive and usable leading to a site that looks great and performs.

Build It

We implement your solution adhering to web coding and accessibility standards and provide hosting, tracking and metrics as standard on all implementations.

Alternatively we can work closely with your own technical staff, speaking their language, to successfully implement the strategy.

Promote It

Launching your site is only the first step to making it a success.

We promote sites to perform in both organic searching listings (SEO) and paid Adword campaigns (SEM). Using tracking and analysis tools we will refine your site to maximise your conversion and ultimately your success.

What We Do

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