Junior PHP Developer, Kerry

We’re looking for a junior developer with 2 years experience of PHP development in a structured environment. Based in Kenmare Co Kerry in a relaxed, professional environment.

We’re working with an exciting range of clients so the work is varied and interesting. We build upon open source platforms such as Magento, WordPress as well as custom developed solutions. We’re constantly looking to enhance our development processes building upon continuous integration through GitHub and FogBugz ticketing and planning. If you love coding and value your quality of life, this could be the job for you!

About Aonach

Aonach was founded over 10 years ago.  We chose Kenmare on the South West coast of Ireland as an ideal location, allowing us to work with internet technologies while having a great quality of life. Kenmare is located right on the Wild Atlantic Way and is a fantastic gateway to the South West, with activities such as sailing, triathlon, surfing, riding, cycling all within a stone’s throw. There is no traffic to speak of and accommodation is reasonable, education (for those of us with kids) is accessible and the natives are friendly! Read more about Kenmare. Some of our policies that may appeal to you:

  • Sane & flexible hours We work in a relaxed, professional development environment. Software development can be intense but we don’t think it has to be insane! We don’t pull crazy all-nighters or set unreasonable deadlines. Everyone sets there own time estimates and sets their own work schedules. We have very flexible office hours.
  • Choose your own set-up Everyone has there own preferred tools so we don’t pre-define your work setup. You can choose your own custom hardware/dev environment setup. We have people using Linux, MacOS and Windows. Everyone has as many monitors as they want and a decent chair!
  • Configure your own benefits What’s an attractive benefits package? That really depends on the individual. What do you value? Maybe a competitive salary is what you’re after. Or maybe you really value holiday time and would rather less pay and more holidays. Maybe health coverage is important to you, or maybe you already have your own cover.Because everyone values things differently, we leave this wide open. We can work out an arrangement you’ll be happy with.
  • Personal development budget We’ll give you a yearly budget to spend on your personal development however you like. Attend industry conferences or buy resources of your choosing. All backed up by a personal development plan.
  • Fun team Aonach is a great place to work! We have a fun and supportive team who enjoy working together. We have a team lunch every Friday and drinks after work.

Join us now! We are building a team and we’re looking for people who think work should be fun and rewarding. We’re always looking for people who are fired up about the possibilities of web technologies, want to work with a dynamic team and think that coding is exciting! 


  • Superb English communication skills (spoken and written) Just to be clear, when we say “superb” we mean outstanding, excellent, nearly perfect. Anything less will not do.
  • Good PHP/MySQL skills If you aren’t an expert Magento or WordPress developer, that’s ok. But you should be an experienced PHP/MySQL developer at least.
  • Experienced in using git We use git extensively. If you are not familiar with it you must at least have significant experience of some source control solution and understand how branches and auto-deployment works.
  • Self-motivated and work well independently Meaning you don’t need to be nudged every step of the way and are proactive in tackling things that need to be done without direction. You should also have good judgment and attention to detail, love tackling challenging problems, and be eager to experiment and learn.
  • Want to grow as a developer and welcome peer feedback and criticism This is a job for a qrown-up who has decided that a career as a professional coder is for them. You need to be big enough to accept that you don’t always know best and that there is value in continuous learning and professional development.
  • Value consistency and willing to adopt new coding styles, standards, and tools We have processes and procedures and will expect you to adhere to them and also to contribute to their development. Part of what’s interesting in our world is that there is always something new. We are not always chasing the latest bright shiny thing but we are looking to assess tools, standards and styles as they mature.
  • Happy to support customers We don’t exist in an ivory tower and what we do is guided by the client’s business requirements. Supporting customers and transferring knowledge to them is part and parcel of what we do.


  • Experience developing Magento Extensions and WordPress Plugins
  • Own transport
  • System administration/DevOps  skills
  • Computer Science degree or equivalent

How to Apply

Start by pinging us a quick note of interest by form or email and then follow that with a well written email to info @ our domain name telling us about yourself and please make sure to include all of the following:

  • Your PHP/MySQL experience
  • Have you worked with Magento or WordPress? If so, briefly describe your experience.
  • Where are you located?
  • Are you currently employed? Freelancing? Available?
  • Why does this job interest you?
  • Why would you be a good choice for us?
  • Guided tour of some project that you’re proud of – preferably a link to GitHub
    • Describe what the code does, why you’re proud of it, and point out any areas we should explore.

The following items aren’t as critical to include as the above, but if you have them please include them as well:

  • Resume link (no email attachments). If there’s something really important in your resume, mention it.
  • GitHub profile link
  • Twitter profile link

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