Google circulated some interesting statistics on the state on the online market in Ireland. Some of this information is derived from market research by 3rd parties but some is internal, all of it useful if you’re trying to guage the size and opportunity of the Irish online channel.

69% of Irish people are regular internet users

1.25 million people are subscribed to broadband in Ireland

Ireland is ranked 10th in the world for online buyers

25% of Irish people expect to spend more online in 2009

50% of irish consumers look for advice online before making a purchase

90% of consumers beieve they can save money online

The average online spend of an Irish consumer was €1700 for 2008

€300 million worth of goods were purchased online in Ireland in 2008

€2.5 billion spent in total online transactions in Ireland in 2008 (including travel, gambling and finance)

96% of internet users in Ireland use Google

Youtube has 131,000 Irish  users on an average day

47.5% of Irish Youtube users are aged 25-44

This information was circulated as part of a marketing drive by Google, so those of us with a natural distrust of statistics and marketing will probably want to check the numbers before making any major strategic decisions!