magento anlaytics


At Aonach we’ve been fans of Magento for quite a while, there little doubt that Magento is now a force to be reckoned with in the world of eCommerce:

  • It’s fastest growing and most widely used commerce platform in Europe
  • It powers over 25% percent of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list (which is more than any other ecommerce platform).
  • 45 of its customers have more than $100 million in annual online sales

This month it acquired  RJMetrics and will roll out their Business Intelligence Platform as Magento Analytics. This will plug a gap for Magento and provide it’s customer base with some much need segmentation and advanced analytics capability for eCommerce managers. It is yet to be determined how this will be rolled out within the Magento product suite and what the timelines are.