I took it back and got a refund.

This post is a little late as I have been snowed under, but I wanted to finish out the saga for once and for all!

I was beyond my 14 day money back guarantee, but as I posted previously, I was lucky enough to deal with someone in Three who gives a damn. It’s pretty hard to find someone like that in Three from what I can tell, but I found this person to be extemely helpful, accommodating and willing to engage.

Unfortunately, it seems to me at least, this person is not getting the kind of quality information they would need to do their job properly from the Three technical division or team, if indeed such a thing exists.

Here is the bulk of the final email i sent to Three having organised to return my modem despite being beyond my 14 day money back guarantee:

Thank you for passing on my details and organising for the return of my modem. I am going to go ahead with the return tomorrow morning.

I appreciate all your help, and I do not envy you your job at the moment. I imagine you are being bombarded with information which would not normally be within your remit, and it would seem as though Three do not have a firm grasp of the issues, which results in your being expected to dish out information you have been handed which is often contradictory and shows the lack of Technical focus in the Three organisation.

Every call to customer support and technical support results in customers being given different, and more often than not innaccurate, information and claims.

The call centres seem to be in way over their heads, and revert to repetition of formulaic scripts which mean absolutely nothing – which is extremely frustrating.

Here is a full list of the reasons I have decided to return the modem:

* Modem is still not behaving itself for all users. I, and others, experience frequent usb mounting/dismounting and ‘data modem invalid’ errors which require restarts. Proposed solutions do not work.

* Speed has certainly improved for downloading, although upload seems apped at 60kbsp – upload speeds still a major issue. The Three website doesn’t mention upload speeds anywhere, but technical support people working for Three have told me they would expect speeds of about a third of the download speed.

* Sending email is a problem – it seems the issue is that because Three use NAT, the result is that single public IP address is blacklisted. To get around this Three would have to have a working SMTP server in place themselves, which they do not appear to have.

* FTP is not working. Connection can sometimes be established but times out before anything can be uploaded or downloaded. (I realise this is due to be fixed this week.)

* Browsing is not consistently smooth – some believe there is a fundamental issue with browser posting events. Sometimes links must be clicked several times, or pages refreshed halfway through loading.

* There are reports of overcharging due to proxy issues.

Many thanks for all your help, and I sincerely wish you the best of luck! It seems to me like Three are in dire need of someone seriously technical to focus on the issues and offer a meaningful, coherent and honest technical release to it’s consumers. For me it’s too late, but there are many out there who might stay on board given some meaningful feedback.


So that’s it, I am done with Three for several weeks now, and am much happier for it. The experience was frustrating and time consuming, and their wireless modem caused me more stress than I can tell you. I am so glad to be rid of it.

If you are still having problems, I suggest you do everything you can to get a refund.

That’s me done on the Three issue!

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